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St. Bernardus ABT 12    9.75                                Belgium       10% ABV      25cl          

Richly textured brown ale; smooth, creamy & full-bodied. A classic.


Benoit-Casper Rivet Buster Double Red   7.                 Richmond      7.5% ABV       33cl    

Malty with a touch of rye malt spice that is accentuated by the moderate dose of hops.


North Coast PranQster     6.5                                   Fort Bragg      7.6% ABV      33cl

A faithful rendition of a Belgian-style Abbey Ale. Rich, yeasty, and fruity with a dry finish


Fieldwork Grove Stand   7.                           Berkeley          9% ABV            33cl

A double IPA bursting with bright citrus and slight bitterness


Andechs Spezial Hell Festbier   7.                   Germany     5.9 % ABV      33cl

A Helles with a light cereal malt profile and a mild earthy, herbaceous finish. The perfect thirst quencher.


Mikkeller SD Raspberry Blush   6.5                         San Diego      4% ABV      33cl

A bright Berliner Weisse brewed with raspberries and coffee.


Prairie Ales Bomb!    10.5                Oklahoma      13% ABV      25cl 

Imperial Stout brewed with cocoa, chilies, vanilla and coffee.  One of the best.


Shacksbury Cider  “Arlo”    7.               Vermont      6.2 % ABV      25cl

A blend of domestic and European cider apples fermented with native Vermont yeasts.  Dry and citrusy.


Russian River Redemption  7.75                   Santa Rosa      4.8% ABV      33cl      

A Belgian-style Blonde brewed to be more sessionable. Grassy with a mild spice on the finish.


St. Feuillien Triple    9.75                             Belgium      8.5% ABV      25cl

A classic Belgian Triple. Dry, with notes of spice and citrus.


Bare Bottle Hamachitore Saison   6.5                   San Francisco      5.6% ABV      33cl

A Saison hopped with Simcoe and Amarillo. Subtle notes of grapefruit, citrus, and peppercorn.


Founders Azacca IPA    7.         Michigan    7% ABV      Pint

An IPA with a malty backbone which compliments the intense tropical fruitiness of Azacca hops.


Sante Adairius Artificial Horizon    7.5                    Capitola      4.8% ABV      Pint

Soft and extremely drinkable Pale Ale brewed with oats. Citrusy and slightly grassy.    


  • Allagash White Ale 7.75          Maine      5% ABV      40cl

Traditional Belgian-style Wheat beer brewed with coriander and orange peel.


Fort Point Automatic    7.                     San Francisco      5.2% ABV      Pint

An Export style Lager with a mild maltiness and hints of grassy hops.





Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break    9.          S. Carolina      11.5% ABV      25cl Imperial Stout brewed with coffee and biscotti.  A real hedonistic pleasure pig.


Jolly Pumpkin  Bam Noire    8.                           Michigan    4.5% ABV      33cl

Flavors of lightly roasted malt are combined with a touch of barrel funk and tartness.


Alvinne Cuvée Freddy    11.                Belgium     8% ABV      25cl

A sour Brown Ale that has been aged in Burgundy wine casks. Hint of dark fruits and vinous acidity


Simpleton Dolores Day Session IPA   7.         San Francisco      4.5% ABV      Pint

Crisp and refreshing Session IPA featuring strong citrus and tropical notes. 


St. Bernardus Pater  6    8.            Belgium       6.7% ABV      25cl          

Think of this as a lighter version of an Abbey Dubbel.  Good malt backbone but with a drier edge.


Modern Times City of the Dead    7.         San Diego      7.5% ABV      25cl

A roasty Stout brewed with Guatemalan coffee that was aged in bourbon barrels. Rich, nutty, with hints of vanilla.


Dieu Du Ciel La Divine Comédie    8.5           Quebec      5.4% ABV      25cl      

A white Pilsner brewed with mosaic hops. Fruity with hints of spice on the finish.


Commons Myrtle  8.                              Oregon     5% ABV         25cl

A farmhouse ale with a fruity ester profile and refreshing lemon tartness.


Allagash Curieux    8.5                             Maine      11% ABV      25cl    

Belgian Triple barrel aged in Jim Beam barrels. Notes of coconut & Bourbon.


Bare Bottle Tenderloin Cotton Candy   6.5            San Francisco      8.7% ABV      33cl

A juicy DIPA with ripe notes of melon, orange, and lime.