Chef Lorraine Rosenthal's menu is prepared in our tiny kitchen with local, seasonal products

and an eye toward beer friendliness.










Marinated Olives   Rosemary, thyme, garlic, and citrus    6.


Miller Farms Naked Almonds   Olive oil, sea salt   6.


Trappist Pickled Seasonal Vegetables    6


Devilled Eggs Prosciutto chips, rosemary oil, Aleppo chili    6.


Bag of 4505 Kettle Fried Chicharrones   Crispy clouds of porkaliciousness    5.





Cheeses   with house-made strawberry jam, almonds, red grapes, and Acme bread    16.

      Van Dijk ~ Holland     6 month goat, Gouda

      Black Knight Tilsit ~ Germany    Mild cow’s milk, bright, fruity and nutty

      Normandie Brie ~ France     Double cream, soft-ripened cow’s milk



Meats   with house-made beer mustard, cornichons, red grapes, and Acme bread    16.


       Prosciutto ~ La Quercia    Tender and full flavored                

       Salame Calabrese ~ Creminelli     Calabrian style with mild chili heat

       Pork Rillette ~ Homestead Restaurant. Confit shoulder, Pimente d’Espelette



House Smoked White Trout ~ Caramelized onions, crème fraiche, rye     9.






Kale Salad   Baby kale, prosciutto chips, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese, red wine vinaigrette   10.


Grilled Cheese   Gruyere, fontina, and provolone on Acme levain    10.   Add prosciutto   3.


Salami Sandwich   Creminelli Calabrese salami, provolone, herbed aioli, pickled peppers, kale.  9.


Quiche Lorraine   Beeler bacon, gruyere, caramelized onions, kale salad   10.




We use organic, local, and pesticide free ingredients whenever possible.

Our kitchen is small, and we cannot guarantee safety for our guests with strong food allergies