Chef Lorraine Rosenthal's menu is prepared in our tiny kitchen with local, seasonal products

and an eye toward beer friendliness.






House-Pickled Seasonal Vegetables    6.


Marinated Olives   Rosemary, thyme, garlic, and citrus    6.


Frankfurt Eggs   Soft boiled egg & Yukon gold Potato in Traditional German seven herb sauce    6.5  


Earl Grey Trail Mix    Hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, peanuts, Cranberries, hint of Earl Grey tea, spices    4.





Cheeses   with strawberry jam, Earl Grey trail mix , Acme epi    20.


Van Dijk ~ Holland  6 month goat gouda.                                                 Charmoix ~ Belgium   Soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese.

Almnäs Tegel ~ Sweden  Firm, fruity, pungent, cow’s milk cheese.     Stilton ~ England  Salty, intense cow’s milk blue cheese.



Meats   with cornichons, spicy fig mustard, pickled cherries, Acme Epi    20.


Prosciutto ~ La Quercia Tender and full flavored.                            Capicola ~ Olympic Dry-cured whole-muscle pork.

Pork Belly Rillettes ~ Perdition Spreadable pork belly.                   Salame Americano ~ La Quercia. Dense, meaty and mild.




House Smoked White Trout ~ Caramelized onion crème fraîche, fresh rye    9.






Summer Salad   Little gems, cherry tomato, avocado, walnuts, pickled red onion, Lavender Green Goddess dressing.    10.  


Roast Beef Sandwich   House roast beef, arugula, mushroom pâté, radish, Dijon, ciabatta, with greens salad    12.


Trappist Reuben   Gruyere, house sauerkraut, house dressing on rye with greens salad    12.5


Grilled Cheese   Fontina, Mozzarella, heirloom tomato, balsamic, basil, garlic confit    10.  


Bratwurst   Smoked brat poached in Pilsner on an Acme bun, house Dijon, potato salad    11.





Bacon Brownie   With Perdition bacon, pair it with your favorite Stout    3.5



* We use organic, local, and pesticide free ingredients whenever possible. Our kitchen is small, and we cannot guarantee safety for our guests with strong food allergies.